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Fill-Air® Flow Equipment

Fill-Air® Flow Equipment

List price $150.00

Fill-Air® Flow is a low cost void fill application to level the field so that all businesses can deliver a superior customer experience, speed of throughout, and reduced freight costs, while increasing the company’s brand image and profile. By leveraging our fast and affordable void filler, we’ve created a space and material saving platform to optimize your business.

Key Features

  • On/Off Control Sensor: Swipe hand over sensor repeatedly for amount of bags needed (1 swipe = 1 bag, 2 swipes = 2 bags, etc.)
  • 100 BAG Batch Feature: Hold your hand over the sensor for 3 seconds and the system counts and inflates 100 bags
  • Fill Amount Button: Choose from two settings for fuller bag inflation
  • Tether Auto Replenishment: Produces up to three feet of bags when extended into position
  • Compact Footprint: Wall mount or optional table top mount stand

Film is 333 linear feet per roll. 500 10 x 8" uninflated bags per roll.

*Shipping and taxes are not included in the product price 

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