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Korrvu® Select - Twin Bottle Shipper (Set of 5)

Korrvu® Select - Twin Bottle Shipper (Set of 5)

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If you are not a UPS CTP program member, please use our Korrvu® Select Bottle Shipper request form to order.

Korrvu® wine packaging showcases your brand with attractive packaging that provides maximum protection with minimum materials while meeting the requirements of the ISTA 3A Transit Test. Korrvu® wine boxes are standard, in stock, and readily available for purchase In a range of easy to use sizes and styles. Korrvu® Bottle Kits are suitable for wine bottles up to 750ml.

Korrvu® Select sold as kits. Twin Bottle Shipper includes 10 Korrvu® protective display frames and 5 cartons 

Korrvu® Select wine shippers are offered here to UPS customers at a UPS value program price. Korrvu® select wine shippers are not eligible for UPS CTP subsidy funding.

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